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Like a long drought in general, the relaxation of restrictions on the policy in the local residents, intermediaries caused a lot of response. On january 2, the huaxia times reporter on-site visit to gu an found that there are agents themselves in the consultation settlement matters, and even second-hand housing landlords asked for a price increase of 200,000.


At the end of 2019, a policy of relaxing talent was posted on the website of the people's government of Guan County, Langfang City, Hebei Province. With the previous intermediary efforts to ease the whole body of hype to limit the purchase of different, this time \"the wolf really came \", but quietly.


On December 26, Gu'an County issued the \"Measures on the Implementation of Procedures for Further Simplifying the Procedures for the Establishment of Graduates of Colleges and Universities \"(hereinafter referred to as\" Measures \"). In other words, graduates of universities and vocational schools working in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region can settle down in Guan.


Guan County is known as \"the Pearl of the South of Beijing \", north across the Yongding River and Beijing Daxing District opposite. There is a classic slogan,\" I love Beijing Tiananmen is 50 kilometers south \", showing the superior geographical location of Guan. Like beijing's investment in the \"three north counties \"(xianghe, dachang), it has taken on the housing needs of many of beijing's spillovers. However, in the past three years, under the influence of the tide of strict regulation of the real estate market in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Gu'an has fallen from 20,000 per square meter to about 10,000 per square meter, or about 40 per cent.


It is therefore, like a long drought in general, the policy of relaxation of restrictions in the local residents, intermediaries caused a lot of response. On january 2, the huaxia times reporter on-site visit to gu an found that there are agents themselves in the consultation settlement matters, and even second-hand housing landlords asked for a price increase of 200,000.


In Guan County Public Security Bureau, not far from the government of Guan County, the large screen of the office hall scrolls with the relevant materials needed to settle down for processing. A household registration window staff told the reporter who came to consult, is currently responsible for the settlement of the new city police station and Chengguan police station, can go to the above two consultation.


At Chengguan police station, the staff informed reporters that they could bring their ID card, Hukou book, academic degree certificate and the inquiry records of Xuexin network, as well as the labor contract, on-the-job certificate and social security records from the same unit to be processed, with an audit period of 15 working days.


\"To settle down is to fall on the collective account, you can only settle down alone, cannot move into the family account, unless you buy a house to move the account. above staff reminder. It is also stated in the Measures that the addresses should be accepted in the order of the legal and stable residence, the collective household of the unit, the collective household of the talent center and the public address of the police station.


With the traditional impression of the intermediary to handle the establishment of a familiar, for the establishment of the policy, the intermediary is not the best known group. At a deyou property store, an intermediary who wanted to settle for his wife heard that reporters had just consulted about the settlement policy, they were eager to ask what materials were needed to match the information they had received.


On house prices, ms. liu, a 21st-century real estate agent, said there had been no sharp rise because of the policy buffer. However, reporters visit found that gu an recent second-hand housing volume significantly increased, a day can deal dozens of sets, and has been second-hand housing owners in the price increase. \"I just answered a phone call, the owner originally quoted 1.45 million, in fact 1.4 million can also talk about, now directly up 200,000, quote 1.65 million,\" said the agency,\" gu an is like this, one price a day, in a few days without this price.\"


In early 2016, the real estate market began to enter the fast-track uplink. According to Anjuke data, from January 2016 to June 2017, the Guan property market soared from 6853 yuan\/sqm to 20037 yuan\/sqm, up 192%.


The turning point occurred in June 2017, Langfang City people's Government Office issued \"on the implementation of further promoting the steady and healthy development of the city's real estate market\" in Langfang City main urban area (including Guangyang District, Anci District, Langfang Development Zone), Sanhe City, Dachang Hui Autonomous County, Xianghe County, Gu'an County, Yongqing County, Bazhou City and Wen'an County to implement housing purchase restrictions. Non-residents of the city need to provide 3 years of local social security and limited purchase of 1 set, the social security may not be paid as valid proof of purchase. Local residents whose families already own 2 or more housing units shall be suspended from purchasing housing.


Since then, the gu an property market turned downward, although the middle of the housing market has experienced a few brief \"set aside\" rumors driven by the property market hype, but the price fluctuations did not exceed 2000 yuan per square meter.


\"Guan as a typical city around Beijing, the decline can be said to be the first in the country, most of the projects have been halved. Mr zhang, chief analyst at zhongyuan real estate, said mr guan's house prices were now largely out of the bubble, and mr guan's policy helped attract some of the rigid demand for beijing's weak home.


Ms li, who has previously bought a home in guan, told the huaxia times that after the measures were introduced, her group of owners discussed moving in and relaxing restrictions, and that rising house prices were less talked about. She was more concerned about the resources of education.\" A lot of outsiders aren't going to be able to get their children to school. As soon as we settle down, next year's educational resources will be a big problem. said she.


And for investors who have been frozen around the property market for nearly three years, they prefer to see gu an's talent policy become a \"butterfly \", fanning the\" loose \"storm around beijing's property market.


The first Yanjiao of the``Three Counties'' has also emerged from the possibility that the settlement policy is relaxed. Recently, the Office of the People's Republic of China and the People's Republic of China reaffirmed the total cancellation of the restrictions on settlement of urban permanent residents of less than 3 million. In the town system planning of Hebei Province(201620)>, Langfang City will be required to build a large city with a permanent population of 1003 million people in 2020, and by 2030, Sanhe City(including Yanjiao)and Bazhou will build 301 million medium-sized cities. It is also hoped that, through this policy, the current strict house purchase restrictions in Yanjiao will be released.


But even that doesn't mean that the property market around beijing will return to its \"boom\" path. The Central Economic Work Conference in December pointed out that it is necessary to adhere to the position that houses are used for housing, not for speculation, and fully implement the long-term management and control mechanism for stable land prices, stable house prices and stable expectations, in order to promote the steady and healthy development of the real estate market. Wang Menghui, Minister of Housing and Construction at the National Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Conference at the end of the month, also pointed out that in 2020, efforts should be made to stabilize house prices and keep the real estate market steady and healthy. The long-term adherence to the housing is used for housing, not for speculation positioning, not real estate as a short-term means to stimulate the economy, continue to steadily implement the real estate market steady and healthy development of long-term mechanism, focus on the establishment and improvement of real estate regulation and control of the institutional mechanism.


Zhang Dawei believes that Guan is only the beginning,\" stable \"property market has become the key to future economic stability, rising is certainly not stable, but falling is not stable. Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, as the region with the largest adjustment range, attracting population will be a window of excessive regulation around Beijing in the past, but its impact is actually lower than that of the cities in the Great Bay area.