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A few days ago, the National Theatre's new play,\" February,\" was censored in the rehearsal room, and nearly three hours of the show ended with applause in the quiet rehearsal room. Lu Fang, the heroine of the play, twisted her head to wipe away the tears on her face and burst into a tired and relaxed smile.


Search for information about lu fang online, the most recent news is \"hu jun lu fang couple married 20 years first take wedding photos, take their children back to rome proposal land\" or \"lu fang sun for son qingsheng kang kang son tall handsome.\" \"Hu Jun's wife\" and \"Kang Kang Ma\" may be the most well-known label for her, but what most people don't know is that Lu Fang has been playing the heroine in 15 or 6 plays in the past decade, which can be said to be the absolute \"big female master\" on the domestic stage.


Lu Fang, who graduated from the acting department of the Central Academy of Drama, played the heroine in Beijing's People's Arts \"Military Trains\" in 1995, with her co-school brother Hu Jun. The work is a love affair of the two of them.


After Hu Jun and Lu Fang married, both were busy on stage and in film and television dramas. On one occasion, when Lu Fang had just returned from one crew, Hu was going to another crew for months. This kind of gathering many days, let them feel very bad, after some coordination decided that Hu Jun to fight outside, and Lu Fang stay behind to take care of the family. In those years, Lu Fang gave birth to his daughter nine, and after a few years, he gave birth to his son Kangkang, and \"Hu Jun's wife\" became a label firmly attached to her.


However, no one thought that the original retreat actually opened a new world for Lu Fang. In 2011, after his son kangkang was a little older, lu returned to the stage of beijing's human arts, starring as rui-chueh and linda in li's six-year-old play "home" and "the death of a salesman ". In 2012, he joined li's "made-in-china" drama program, taking on two films in anthigone, king oedipus. In 2013, he not only played King Oedipus, but also played his wife, Virginia and E., respectively, in Lin Zhaohua's "Grand Gen. Collulan" and "White Deer Plains." In beijing, many actresses around the age of 40 are in a semi-admitted phase, but she can do three plays a year, if not out of love with the stage, it is really difficult to do. Then came 2015's Uncle Vannia, The Little City Spring,2016's Cherry Garden,2017's King Lear,2018's Hamlet 》……


“The happiest part of being an actor is to make limited life infinite, and there are moments when you forget yourself and become that character, when you are Antigone, and when you become Ophelia, that feels amazing." Combing his performances over the years, lu fang thanked himself for choosing to step back, only to have so many opportunities to play," film and television bring happiness and drama cannot be compared, on the stage you face a different audience every day, but also in the face of a different self, each moment is a fresh self."


From \"Military Train\" to \"Hamlet\" last year, drama played a very important role in the lives of Hu Jun and Lu Fang. How important is it? The couple can \"separate\" for a good performance.


Lu Fang and Hu Jun first performed the drama together, Li Liuyi's \"Military Train,\" and the second, Li Liuyi's\" Hamlet,\" in 2018, nearly 20 years apart.


They don't like the \"couple's shop\" model at work, and they're nervous and nervous at the beginning of the rehearsal.\" It's hard at the beginning, and we're all wary of hurting each other. In the play, Hu Jun plays Hamlet, and Lu Fang plays Hamlet's mother and Ophelia. Because Hamlet and Ophelia are lovers'relationship, need to have the process of love change, actors are too familiar in life, will destroy the relationship between the characters, it will be difficult to perform. In order to maintain that sense of alienation, the initial rehearsal of the Hu Jun simply moved out of the home to stay in the hotel, usually to the rehearsal hall and theater will be separated from each other, and rarely talk about each other's role. This deliberately keeps the distance until the rehearsal middle character relationship has been fully established.


《 Hamlet is a great test and challenge to Lu Fang. The two characters are very different in age, identity and character, but there is no external means to distinguish the characters, such as clothing, body, voice and so on. In addition to acting with Hu Jun, it is difficult to find Ophelia's early pure love of Hamlet, Lu Fang broke down in the rehearsal room and cried twice. When she collapsed, she said: this life no longer with Hu Jun acting together. Li siu-yi said with a smile:" you may have changed your mind after acting." He was right, in a series of performances, lu fang slowly realized that when the husband and wife cooperation each other extraordinary trust, for the performance brought more space.


She knew hu was very fond of \"macbeth \",\" if he's going to play macbeth, the best choice for mrs. macbeth is definitely me, he's a very good theatrical actor, and I'd love to work with him, and good actors can have good work presented to the audience, which is very meaningful.\"


“Drama and life are not dualistic, in one way or even one, are interrelated, who says life is real and play is fake?"


“There is something beyond lines and language itself, and when you go beyond space there is no time, and your performance gives the audience more imagination and space ……”


Unlike many actors, lu fang talks about acting and feels like he's listening to a philosophy class. Lu Fang said that her growth on the stage and \"big director\" Lin Zhaohua, Li Liuyi two directors have a close relationship.


“When I was young, it was the enthusiasm and the unending energy that made it easier." The big guide told me not to be so hard and the voice relaxed. Lu Fang said that when he was young, he didn't quite understand the director's meaning.


Li asked the actor to do \"subtraction\" in the performance,\" the performance should be as simple as possible, hands and feet cannot move, facial expression will be despised by him.\" Lu Fang said that in Li's play, he is his fulcrum, and sometimes there will be a long pause,\" a second on the stage is equivalent to 30 seconds in life, such a pause is very difficult for the actor, the heart must become very strong.\"


This kind of strength is not produced out of thin air, but requires the actor itself to have a very rich accumulation, before the play to do a lot of homework. Lu said she had been used to doing extensive work before her creations began, such as reading books on religion, philosophy and aesthetics in Hamlet, going to the dances of Panna Bosh for Ophelia's mad play, and reading the books of Roushi in February and other writers of the same period. Perhaps you didn't think that row \"February\" actually let her finally read Lu Xun's \"Madman's Diary \".


Now lu fang in the stage is often very enjoy the state, enjoy that performance beyond time, space to get the freedom of pleasure. Because of this enjoyment, she would say thank you to Li Liuyi when she was drunk at the party.\" Thank you for meeting such a talented and aesthetic director, so that we are not vulgar.\"